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All About?

Have you ever woken up one day only to discover that you have been trapped in a web of toxic relationships?

Were you afraid to let go, wondering if you’d ever find a happy healthy loving relationship ? Were you feeling sad, stuck, and lonely wondering if there were any “good ones” left out there ?

If you’re ready to move on and put those toxic relationships in the rearview mirror and move towards creating a life you love whether you’re happily single or in a lifelong loving relationship.

Together, we’ll explore the deep-rooted issues that often keep us trapped in unhealthy patterns and learn how to break free from the fear of not finding a healthy relationship.

You’ll gain the guidance and tools to confidently step into your full power, rebuild your self esteem and create something truly magical in your life. Through the power of shared experiences, you’ll be inspired to believe that change is possible, no matter how long you’ve been in a toxic relationship or how many times you’ve tried before.

If you’re tired of living a life without empowerment and fulfillment, this podcast is your lifeline. Join Stephanie and her guests as she supports and encourages you on your journey to break away from toxic cycles and create the life you deserve. Embrace the opportunity to rediscover yourself and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Don’t let toxic love define your future any longer. Tune in to “Toxic Love Transformation” and take the first step toward a life filled with love, happiness, and true connection. Remember, you are worthy of the love and life you desire, and together, we can make it happen.

Get Unstuck, Regain Your Confidence and Clarity to Move Forward to a Life You Love!

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  • A custom action plan designed to build momentum in creating the life of your dreams.
  • Two follow up 30 min coaching sessions by phone/video chat with Stephanie.
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  • Introductions to key resources to aid in
    healing as applicable

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Meet Your Host

Stephanie McPhail

Stephanie McPhail, MS is a Toxic Relationship Recovery Expert, has a Double Masters Degree in Health and Education, a Bachelors in Psychology, Certified Crisis Counselor, Certified Coach, Reiki Practitioner.

Stephanie is an author of two books, Being Loved Shouldn’t Hurt book and workbook which were #1 new releases, featured guest expert interviewed on FOX TV, New York Weekly and hosts a Weekly Cable Show Kick Unhealthy Relationships to the Curb.

She specializes in helping professional women to discover who they are and create their best lives after leaving a toxic relationship.


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