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Today, I may take you out of your comfort zone. How?

With this phrase that many people don’t like to hear: “It’s not about you!”. If you’re starting to squirm a bit, I can totally relate. I used to feel the same way. That began to change when I started to develop a winning mindset.

Even if the phrase makes you feel uncomfortable, learning how it applies to many situations in life will open up a whole new paradigm for you and set you free. It will give you more empathy and compassion for people who do things that cause you anger and frustration. You’ll see most any irritation through a different and better lens.

Imagine this common situation we’ve all experienced: A guy on the freeway honks at you because he thinks you’re driving too slowly, then speeds around you. It happens all the time, right? We often think, “Why’s that guy being such a jerk?”. But do we ever stop to think about the deeper reason behind why he did it? Probably not.

Put yourself in his shoes for a moment: He just got the news that his son, his only child, just fell off a swing at the school playground and broke his arm. He’s panicked. He’s terrified. He’s rushing to the hospital to be with his son.

This would give you a whole different perspective, wouldn’t it? You would say, “Hey, it’s not about me”. You would immediately have sympathy for the poor guy.

Remember this: if other peoples’ seemingly rude behavior is not about you, (and it most often isn’t!) then it’s not your burden or your responsibility.

By embracing this concept, you’ll find it much easier to have a mindset that works for you, not against you.

Please tune into to Episode 4 of The Winning Mindset Mastery Podcast to hear my deep dive into this idea.

Here’s to your success!


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